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Alla Prima Portrait Painting


Workshop: Alla Prima

Date: Jun 22, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018

Duration: 3 Days

Location: ARA Toronto

Instructor: Esteban Rodriguez

Price: 350.00

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This 3-day workshop is an introduction to the Alla Prima method, which means “all at once.” This is a method that has to be done in one section, wet-into-wet, where each brushstroke counts. Using this approach, artists can develop a better vocabulary of paint and brush handling toward achieving expressive, yet realistic portraits in a more immediate way. Participants will execute one sketch each day throughout the week, from a range of different points using live models. This course is suitable for all levels.

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Materials List


3 Canvas or panels 11 x 14 ‘’ ( gesso or oil prime)

Oil colours:

  • Titanium White
  • Cad Yellow light or med
  • Yellow Ochre light or Pale
  • Ivory Black
  • Raw Umber or Burnt Umber
  • Cad Red light or med
  • Burn Siena
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Alizarian crimson
  • Viridian Green


Oldorless mineral spirits (GamSol). Turpentine is NOT permitted in the studio.


Linseed oil


  • Bristle – natural or synthetic filbert 5 to 10 brushes from small to medium widths
  • Soft hair – natural or synthetic filbert 5 10 brushes from small to medium to large widths.
  • 3 to 5 liner brushes.

No flats or round brushes.

Note:  Brush sizes vary widely between manufacturers.  A #6 from one manufacturer may be the same size as another’s #10.


  • Palette (Select one of the following) Glass and Wood – must be sealed  Paper (Grey Matters)
  • 2 Palette knives; long blades
  • 2 Medium cups
  • 2 Small jars for cleaning brushes
  • Mahl stick (a ½ inch diameter dowel approximately 30 inches)
  • Rags or paper towels or shop towels
  • Knitting needle