Art Work Submission Form

ARA Exhibition – Art Work Submission Form

Submission Costs: $23 basic entry fee and $12 for each additional image.

This covers the costs of producing a catalog for in-house exhibitions or an artist profile page for outside venues. Also it covers printing promotional materials, transporting the artwork and providing food and refreshments at openings.

Each exhibiting artist will receive a catalog or artist profile PDF.

Submission Requirements:

Please submit the BEST QUALITY image you possibly can.
The better the quality the image, the better the chance of you meeting the selection criteria.
Cell phone images do not produce acceptable quality images. Please submit a 300dpi or high quality jpg, scan or tiff.

If you cannot  produce good image, do the best you can, however if your work is accepted into a show, we ask that you please use the photography service provided by the school to get a proper image taken when the work is delivered. These images are needed for the catalogs we produce for in house exhibitions and artist profile pages we provide for outside venues.

Photos are $12 per image and we provide you with 2 digital files, 72dpi for web and 300dpi for print.

Labeling your digital image file

Lastname_Title.JPG or Lastname_Title.TIFF


Drop off

If your work is selected it must be:

  • Physically brought to ARA 10 days prior to the show opening
  • Dropped off at the photo studio beside Colleen’s office
  • Properly wrapped in cardboard or bubble wrap
  • Framed with the correct D-ring hangers and wire, ready to be hung
  • Labeled with image title and artist name & contact info
  • Personally signed for with one of the New Masters group (Colleen, Marnie, Luanne, Nancy, Carey, Fanny) to check for any damage and to ensure all is in order
  • Supply an artist statement and basic artist contact and marketing info (price range and commission details, ask one of the New Masters group if you need help with this)

Submission Deadline:

Artwork Delivery Deadline: All selected artwork must be brought to the school by date framed and ready for hanging. 

ARA will retain a 20% commission for all artwork sold at in-house exhibitions .

Cheques must be $30 or over and payable to Academy of Realist Art, Ltd.

Otherwise please pay cash when you are at the school or when you deliver the work

Or mail your CD to

Art Exhibition
Academy of Realist Art
2968 Dundas Street West, Suite 200,
Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Y8