New Masters Exhibitions

The New Masters is a unique student-driven consortium of ARA alumni, students, staff and professionals whose goal is to help artists segue into a professional art career.

Drawing on our own expertise and industry connections, we are developing a diverse range of practical educational and marketing opportunities to help artists pursue their goals. The New Masters team members have a wealth of expertise in such areas as sales, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, photography, art preservation and event marketing – all of which are critical to professional development.

We support that professional development through such activities as:

  • Hosting/participating in local and regional exhibitions, including two yearly exhibitions at ARA
  • Seeking out gallery, private venues and art expos within the Greater Toronto area to collectively promote artists’ works
  • Exploring alternative markets for artists, such as sourcing popular venues for promoting and selling more affordable “mini-masters” paintings
  • Publishing a catalogue to showcase participating artists’ works
  • Hosting workshops on the business and practical aspects of art, including mounting shows, framing, presentation, developing promotion packages, etc.
  • Exploring gallery openings and art competition opportunities outside of Canada
  • Coaching and advising artists on their portfolio presentations
  • Providing on-site access to the ARA photography studio and reference materials
  • Developing templates to create professional marketing packages
  • Sourcing international competition opportunities and assisting in the application process

The New Masters is available to current students and graduates. There are no registration fees. However, there will be nominal fees charged for entering exhibitions, booth sharing costs or accessing selected professional services.

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